Kiwis increase online activity

Over three million Kiwis are using the Internet every month with a surge in online shopping according to latest reports. 
According to the latest Roy Morgan Single Source data, Australia’s largest research company, the number of New Zealanders aged 14+ using the internet has risen in the past two years from 81% to 85%.
The online shift has seen a dramatic rise in ‘marketplace’ type activities while ‘communication’ and ‘research and information’ remain popular.
Over half (51%) of New Zealanders now do one or more ‘Buying, Selling, Shopping’ activities online in an average four week period, showing  a notable change from 30% in 2010.
The company say the most common use in this area is ‘paid for a purchase using a credit card’, ‘researched a product or service to buy’ and ‘participated in online auctions’.
Almost two million Kiwis are expected to spend $3.19 billion over the Internet this year highlighting a change in habits thanks to lower prices, better search engines and improved price comparison sites.