Freq digital’s head web developer wins Start up weekend….

We here at freq digital are happy to announce that our head web geek has been part of the winning team from the recent Auckland leg of the ‘start-up weekend‘. We salute you Robin and the team @ smile today

In his own words;

smile today, is a crowd funding, funding/donation website which is going to bridge the gap between donors and charities/causes and reduce the cost on the commissions charities pay to other organizations – the other aspect of our website is that u just dont donate money but donate smiles and u spread happiness and feel more connected with the charity than just sending money and we have a action plan where your social network if thy also donate through your fb/twitter link u get notification that your smile donation is contagious in a happy way. u helped raised so and so money and added this many smiles and a smile back from the charity ..
On startup weekend we got awarded for our concept and execution  (