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We can only assume that you have made it to our homepage either because someone told you how awesome we are, or because we are masters in the dark art of SEO and you have ended up here by what would seem mere chance. It wasn’t chance. We wanted you to come. And it seems that you may need some help. We’re not your average web geeks, but we know about all things ‘online’ and can help you with whatever it is you need. If you are after a new website, hosting of your website, help with SEO or e-mail solutions then freq digital is the answer.

What Our Clients Say

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Many thanks to Dan at freq digital for their awesome work on my new Party Room website. With a limited budget the guys managed to create a simple but effective website for me which surpassed all expectations. Dan went above and beyond to help me out and made everything completely hassle-free!

Candice Foster January 1, 2016

Social Media

What are over 2,000,000 NZ Facebook users saying… About your brand online? And are you listening? It could be costing you sales, and THAT’S a problem..
But that’s no longer a problem – freq digital can do the talking for you in Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, pinterest, YouTube and Google+ Read More